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"Hosted with humor and chutzpah by the lovely Goldie Dver...what’s perhaps most astonishing is just how much talent, energy, and sense of charity was packed into the show’s tight running time.  The artists’ seemingly perfect choices of music were a mix of re-energized holiday classics, original songs and unearthed musical gems just begging to be heard again."


--Jed Ryan, Lavender After Dark

"Goldie Dver took the stage at Don't Tell Mama and she really TOOK the stage; she was chic, dynamic, sexy and intelligent...The audience knew they had someone very smart and surprising in charge."

--Bart Greenberg, Cabaret Scenes

"Dver’s voice has settled into a burnished alto that goes from a raspy power belt to a floaty and clear head voice, depending on the story she is telling." --Bobby Patrick, Broadway World

"Goldie Dver is a performer of great passion who has the enviable gift of allowing the audience to come to her rather than the other way around. She is equally at home with theatre songs and jazz standards."

--Ricky Pope, Broadway World

"A poised and polished performer, from her flawless vocals to her commanding stage presence...Goldie Dver’s latest show was truly a wonderful and sweet new beginning—not just for her, but also for all the world of cabaret."

--Shannon Hunt, Cabaret Scenes

"Dver delivers with range, power, pathos, and real strength...her vocal stylings move fairly easily from powerful belt to lilting upper range notes that floated lightly over our heads."

--Bobby Patrick, Broadway World

"Dver blends the madcap, frenetic quality one finds in a Minnelli, the jazz-baby playfulness of a Channing, and the Streisand-like tendency to alter the contours of a song, to give them a personally sculpted quality."

--Mark Dundas Wood, Bistro Awards

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